Fredrik Skåtar
Pentakis dodecahedron light
- an catalan polyhedra as chandelier
Wave table
- a water droplet turned into a functional sculpture
Vibration mirror
- intersecting water ripples, materialized as a topographical mirror
- drawings of wave formations using parallel lines and moiré effects
Anti gravity
- a competition entry for a permanent sculpture at a Swedish university
Making clouds
- photographing cloud formations, simulated using fog machines and CO2-gas
Astrohedra sculptures (Orion)
- the actual positions of Orion's stars, as a light sculpture
Astrohedra drawings (Orion)
- visualizing the actual geometry of the constellation Orion
Astrohedra Installation
- "Weltraum" - walking among the stars
Triacontahedron light
- the most fascinating Catalan solid as light sculpture
Icosahedron light
- a platonic polyhedra as light sculpture
Fibonacci spirals
- exploring the Fibonacci numbers in a series of illustrations
Composition of triangles
- numerous triangles create a sphere which is slowly dissolving
- spatial experiments based on the aperiodic Penrose tiling
Chladni experiments
- sound waves create topographies
- sculptures from pendulums, triggered by sound
"Matter of sound" - The book
- 82 pages, documenting the sound to sculpture project

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