Vertical wave

  • In cooperation with: Artlink, Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Location: Luxury cruise ship
  • Concept: A proposal for a permanent artwork in the main hall of a luxury yacht. The sculpture consists of 24 pipes that run through an opening between storeys. A 10 x 10 mm slot has been milled from each pipe. In the slot, LEDs are inserted and covered with a diffuser to create a continuous curves of light. Due to its geometry, the sculpture looks different depending on from where in the room it is viewed and the light spreads in interesting ways. The concept is based on music and motion. The light curves are to be interpreted as sound waves moving vertically through the ship, or vibrations flowing through the room. The art piece were to be installed at the docks in Fincantieri, where the ship was built.
  • Materials: aluminium (CNC-bending) and custom-made LED strip lights covered with fluid-to-solid diffuser material.
  • Dimensions: Total structure, 0.5 x 0.5 x 6 m. Diameter of pipes, 25 mm
  • Year: 2015