Das Stue Hotel

  • Consulting for: Lichtbau / Ch. Schneider-Moll
  • Service: Parametric construction model
  • Location: Das Stue Hotel, Berlin, Germany
  • Concept: Christian Schneider-Moll (Lichtbau) created a unique sculpture in the lobby of the Hotel Stue (previously the Danish Embassy in Germany) consisting of 864 LED-spheres mounted on an equal amount of rods. All spheres were to be positioned on different heights, according to a specific waveform created by Schneider-Moll. This meant an almost impossible task of sorting the material and assemble the sculpture. The solution was to parametrically specify all rod lengths and define their exact placement individually. With help from algorithmic tools (Grasshopper) Fredrik Skåtar created building instructions for this unique project.
  • Year: 2010