Leibniz - Beste Welten

  • Consulting for: Leibniz Gemeinschaft and Novamondo
  • Service: Objects from Novamondo's corporate identity concept
  • Location: Leibniz Gemeinschaft, Berlin, Germany
  • Concept: Novamondo made the corporate identity for Leibniz Gemeinschaft’s “Leibniz-Jahr 2016” labelled “Beste Welten”. Their concept consisted of five shapes that were to be used online and in print media, as well as a slogan with a specific typography. SKÅTAR made these into objects that were to function as stage background, able to be rearranged to create different spatial concepts yet maintain the corporate identity visually. Made from aluminium frames, semi-opaque fabrics was mounted onto the shapes, enabling a variety of lighting design settings. Additionally SKÅTAR designed an LED-sign (aluminium and diffusor material) with Novamondo’s slogan, along with a dot-matrix display.
  • Year: 2015