Schützenmuseum Duderstadt

  • Consulting for: Art + Com
  • Service: Building analysis, Exhibition concept, illustrations, production drawings
  • Location: For the proposal: Historisches Rathaus, realisation: Westertor, Duderstadt, Germany
  • Concept: The Schützenmuseum is a permanent historical exhibition displaying how the city was fortified from the middle ages and forwards. The collection contains numerous artifacts from this era along with stories to tell. To do this, Art+Com designed several stagings that interactively and spatially mediate and explain the content of the museum. For example: transparent glass layers of the city map to visualize the urban development, Art+Com’s “Timescope” that combines live views of the city with historic images, interactive sculptures combined with specific artifacts and so forth. Additionally we created a glass model of the building with interactive lighting of rooms and a yellow-glowing railing in the ceiling for orientation purposes. Fredrik Skåtar worked closely with project manager Hermann Klöckner.
  • Year: 2011