We use Rhinoceros and Grasshopper to construct complex shapes and structures.
Our parametric models are geometrically exact and continuously adjustable.
What is Grasshopper?
Transformable surfaces
We design surfaces parametrically, which means they can be changed at any time based on the parameters given.
Example: a surface built from a set of NURBS-curves.
Manipulating surfaces
Example: sinus wave-parameters applied to a transformable surface.
A combination of various functions:
parametric frequency adjustment changes the appearance of “waves”
the manipulation can be faded out when it is close to the geometry edge in order to combine the design with existing geometry
the original surface is still changeable
Constructing solids
Example: car wheel sketches
Various setups based on point clouds and NURBS.
Optimised algorithms enable swift and dynamic changes in real-time.
We create geometry
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