We use Grasshopper to create parametric, changeable patterns in 2d and 3d.
The patterns can be transferred onto any other shapes.
What is Grasshopper?
Spiral patterns
Example: Fibonacci spirals, covered with circles to be used as perforations.
To alter the appearance, various rotations and radiuses are used, enabled by sinus modifiers. Parametrically, certain geometry can be excluded and data can be extracted. For example circles that are too small are taken out and the percentage of mm² in relation to the whole working area is continuously measured while designing.
Spiral patterns can be placed onto any given shape and the parametric, changeable functions remain. When the result meets the designer’s, the parameters are locked and a solid geometry is made which can be produced as a physical object using digital fabrication methods
Populating geometry
Example: Pyramids on doubly curved surface.
The pyramids are distributed along a square grid tessellation mapped onto a doubly curved surface. Its resolution is continuously variable through parametric control. The proportions of every individual pyramid is given by random parameters. Similar designs can be applied to any surface.
More skills than software
Our skills are based on sculptural training, design project experience and vast research, inspired by geometers such as →H.S.M. Coxeter, →Grünbaum, Shephard, →Einar Thorsteinn, and →Roger Penrose
Our philosophy is to use the best and most suitable tools available. Rhinoceros and Grasshopper are such tools, but without knowledge and experience in sculpting and geometry, they will not help the designer. A skilled practitioner sees parametric design methods as “finally here”, as a sculptural aid that we’ve been searching for since generations.
Multiplying objects along grids / 3d-patterns
Example: Woven hexagonal pattern
A triangular, 3-dimensional →prototile is spread across a hexagonal grid which renders an interwoven structure. The prototile can be changed and customised, then multiplied according to this base geometry. Its parametric, changeable properties remain throughout the design.
The same structure can be mapped onto any surface.
We create geometry.
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