• Series: Polyhedra project (2010 - on-going)
  • Concept: Spherical tessellated structures as light objects. This design is to be stackable, able to assemble into new shapes based on point clouds. We have a parametric setup that immediately generates the design of the spheres and their insertion points as well as defining the length of the rods needed. The constellation Orion, as we know it, is only visible from earth. Its stars are located on various distances from us (ranging from 243 to 1342 light years) which means that the structure looks completely different from another position in outer space. Astrohedron is thus a microscale visualization of the actual positions of Orion’s main stars.
  • Materials: 3d-printed spheres, brass connection points and rods (conductive) , LED-technology
  • Dimension: Can be customized. Images show a version with the dimensions of 53 x 49 x 32 cm.