Icosahedron light

  • Series: Polyhedra project (2010 - on-going)
  • Concept: Spherical tessellated structures as light objects. Main aim in this design is to maintain continuous slots as much as possible - as if the triangles were floating on the surface. Therefore, the connection points were made minimal. The Icosahedron is one of the five platonic shapes, consisting of 20 equally large triangles that all have the same edge length. The LED projects the icosahedral symmetry as a 2d-pattern onto the surrounding walls. The sculpture can be enlarged depending on the room it is supposed to be placed in and can either hang from the ceiling or be positioned on a flat surface.
  • Materials: Aluminium triangles, custom-made steel joints, LED-technology
  • Dimension: Can be customized. Images show a version with a diameter of 22 cm.