Triacontahedron light

  • Series: Polyhedra project (2010 - on-going)
  • Concept: Spherical tessellated structures as light objects. The aim in this design is to maintain continuous slots as far as possible - as if the plates were floating on the surface. Therefore, the connection points were made minimal. The (rhombic) Triacontahedron is a Catalan polyhedron, built from 30 rhombic faces and is geometrically parallel to both the cube and the truncated octahedron.
  • Materials: Aluminium rhombi-plates, custom-made steel joints, LED-technology. Here, we show a version with gray-coated rhombi.
  • Dimension: Can be customized. Images show a version with a diameter of 40 cm.
  • Types: The light sculpture can either be attached to a monopod (images) or ceiling-mounted