Will artificial intelligence replace the human designer?
Have digital design tools completely revolutionized architecture?
Fredrik Skåtar’s doctoral thesis “Upgraded tools” wants to tone down the debate and connect it to examples from the architect’s everyday working situation. As the title suggests, digital design is a further development of an already existing craftsmanship rather than a drastic change.
Based on the “Upgraded tools”—standpoint, Fredrik offers talks and lectures.
The central focus is on digital technology’s impact on the creative fields but also, inevitably extends to a more general debate. The ultimate question is how we want our professions to develop in the future. The solution is probably to focus on the digital tools that can contribute rationally now, bringing a specific project forth, and avoid speculations about what might occur.
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Digital modelling is largely non-digital.
We tend to forget how important it is to work with our hands.
In order to learn a design software intuitively, we believe there has to be a specific goal that motivates and automatically creates a design process. Along the way there will be questions that need answers, models to be built by hand and then; knowledge and skill will come naturally.
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