How do we want our professions to develop in the future?
Should we be concerned about what artificial intelligence might bring about?
The central focus is on digital technology’s impact on the creative fields but also, inevitably extends to a more general debate. The ultimate question is how we want our professions to develop in the future. The solution is probably to focus on the digital tools that can contribute rationally now, bringing a specific project forth, and avoid speculations about what might occur.
Digital technology is certainly an asset rather than a threat. When looking back history, we have obviously always strived for finding new technological solutions. Is digital technology any different? Not really, it is however subject for vast, sometimes over-enthusiastic, speculations.
Contemporary tools have always been complex because they are new, and that situation will most likely continue, creating a lot of confusion throughout its development. The solution is however not new: we simply have to learn from skilled experts and individually make an effort to obtain knowledge and skills. Thus, the human is central, not the tools he or she uses. The sculptor will remain a sculptor, an architect an architect and so forth, regardless of tools used. However, we all have to choose what attitude to adapt towards contemporary technology: how do we want our situation to develop. We are free to choose the path.
This, we need to talk about. Especially in order to prepare for the next complex technology that will surely, again, surprise our society.
  • Talk / Lecture theme: on technology's impact on our professions
  • Aim: to demystify digital trends and focus on knowledge, skill and experience
  • Duration: 30 min to one hour
  • Languages: English, German and Swedish
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