Fredrik Skåtar conducts workshops on 3D-modelling (Rhinoceros), parametric design (Grasshopper3d) and graphic design/image editing (Adobe CS).

Common for all workshops is the focus on individual tasks rather than software commands. In that way, goal-oriented motivation generates skills.


Grasshopper workshop

Grasshopper is a plug-in for Rhinoceros for parametric / generative design. Since four years, Fredrik Skåtar conducts workshops with this powerful tool. In the foreground, just as in our design philosophy, lays human creativity and the purpose and end goal of a design project. Given the vast, incomparable possibilities of parametric design, the designer should seek his or…


Rhinoceros workshop

Rhinoceros 3D is an advanced CAD-software that can create almost any free-form curves and surfaces. Based on non-uniform rational basis splines (NURBS), its foundation is mathematical and rely upon the rules of geometry. Therefore, we believe that Rhinoceros is the perfect software for the artist, architect and / or designer, combining precision and creativity as well…


Adobe CS workshop

To explain one’s design or idea visually is highly important. In most cases, a project’s complexity is not accessible for someone not affiliated with it. From the project material, how do we choose key parts as a visual base for explanation?  And how do we translate those key parts graphically in a pedagogical way? That is…