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Grounded in craftsmanship tradition
How can complex geometry be created digitally and converted into a physical object?
— We support our clients with creative solutions
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How does the rapid technological development influence the fields of architecture and design?
Digital design tools are simply upgrades of techniques we already have, with links far back in history. The creator is a skilled architect, sculptor or artist – not a robot. We need to spread knowledge about contemporary technology and detect its advantages in order to create more fantastic things.
Fredrik offers talks and workshops on this subject.
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Fredrik Skåtar (Architect SAR/MSA) studied architecture at KTH Stockholm, ENSAPLV Paris, UdK Berlin and is currently pursuing a PhD at LTH Lund. He has 13 years of experience, having worked for White and Tema Architects, both in Sweden. After moving to Berlin in 2006, he worked four years as part of a small team of architects at Studio Olafur Eliasson, designing and building the artworks. Since 2010 he runs Skåtar Architecture & Design focusing on inhouse projects and has collaborated with e.g. art+com, RAA, Artlink and many more. … >Read more

Architectural services

From interior design to designing an entire building. Concept, details and project management.

Product design

We sell our product design and customize objects according to our clients’ wishes.

Consulting: Design to Production

Let’s develop your sketch: We have vast experience with 3d-modeling and digital fabrication, using cutting-edge technology.


Today’s design tools are continuations of craftsmanship traditions. Based on this belief, Fredrik offers talks and workshops.

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